Thank You, Magic Ruby!

Thanks for all the kind comments on my Exceptional Ruby talk! A few notes for those visiting because of the talk:

  • References, source code, links to further reading, and yes, slides can be found here: Exceptional Ruby Notes.
  • Please review my talk on SpeakerRate!
  • If you just can’t get enough deep technical talks on Ruby techniques and practices, I just found out I’ll be speaking at RubyNation in Washington, DC this April. I’ll be speaking on “Confident Code” — all about how to write Ruby code with a strong, straightforward narrative style.
  • Thank you SO much to the people who helped make this trip possible by donating to my travel fund. I am forever grateful, and I’ll be sending you personal thanks soon.
  • I don’t believe MagicRuby recorded video, but I’ll be putting up a self-recorded version shortly.


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