I’m speaking at RubyNation and Red Dirt Ruby Conf

I’m very pleased to announce that my talk proposals have been accepted for RubyNation 2011 and Red Dirt Ruby Conf 2011!

My speaking schedule as of today:

  • March 5th: Speaking on “The Well-Equippd Remote Worker’ at the Day Camp 4 Developers virtual conference.
  • March 10th (tentative): “Exceptional Ruby” at the DC Ruby User’s Group. This is the same talk that I gave at Magic Ruby a few days ago.
  • April 1-2: I’ll be speaking about “Confident Code” a RubyNation in Reston, VA.
  • April 21: “Cheating on ActiveRecord with DataMapper” at Red Dirt Ruby Conf in Oklahoma City.

Of course, with great speaking opportunities comes great expense. None of these are paid gigs and my only sponsor is myself. That’s why once again I am humbly requesting donations to help cover my traveling expenses. If you are attending one of these conferences and looking forward to my talk, please consider dropping me a buck or two:

Thank you, and I hope to see you soon at a conference near you!

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