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Short and savory.

BRUNCH is my shorter-format newsletter. Every Sunday I send out 3-5 links to articles, videos, or papers I've found interesting recently, along with some updates on thigns I've published. I'm picky about the curation, and I cap the number of entries so that it doesn't become just another linkdump newsletter. You can find some examples of past newsletters here.


The long one.

SIGAVDI is a longer-form and more personal newsletter at the intersection of software and life. I include musings about the practice of programming, and I also talk about family, relationships, and mental health. I also use SIGAVDI as place to do a retrospective on the preceeding week and plan my next week. Replies to SIGAVDI go directly to me, and I make an effort to respond to every single one. You can find some past newsletters here.

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