Cat stalking his feather toy

New project, new tech stack?

What is the right language and framework for this new project? What language and framework is your team most familiar with? I guess… most of us have worked on Java/Spring…

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Dust and microorganisms microscopic view

Simple is Complex

I started reading Vehicles, by Valentino Braitenberg. Braitenberg asks us to consider the implications of extremely simple notional machines. For instance, the very first machine has only a single motor…

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Linkdump #7

Hacker Chat: Pinboard Creator Maciej Ceglowski Talks About Why Boring Architecture is Good, and More Wise words. tags: development I think many developers (myself included) are easily seduced by new…

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REST Resources

From time to time people ask me questions about RESTful architecture. I thought it might be helpful to list the resources that I keep near at hand for asnwering tricky…

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