Nice Things People Have Said

Avdi has made me a more confident coder, a better, more critical analyst of my work, an example of how to go about helping other people learn, …his work has helped me to reduce the tech debt in my code, increase the confidence that it’s bug-free and high quality, and to be able to point problems out in others’ code during reviews. It’s just a general joy and uplift to me when I get something from Avdi.

Tamara Temple

If code matters to your business, this is a guy who loves code, understands code, and inspires coders.

Kent Beck

I’m a huge fan of Avdi’s books, screencasts and talks – they not only made me a significantly better programmer, but are also very entertaining to read/watch, never boring and filled to the brim with useful information.  ‘Exceptional Ruby’ and ‘Confident Ruby’ changed the way I write code… Virtually every single RubyTapas episode shows me at least a tiny morsel of new Ruby knowledge, even in cases when I’m pretty sure I know what the episode will cover.

Piotr Szotkowski

Avdi’s stuff is universally excellent. And he’s a splendid fella as well. I personally learnt a great deal from his talks, books & videos.

Andy Croll