Now available: Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails

Back in late 2017 I set out on a little project to create a course of object-oriented design inspiration built around some of my favorite episodes from my show RubyTapas. As these projects so often do, it grew larger. Soon, it encompassed over 20 hours of brand-new video, pairing sessions, Q&A with industry luminaries, quizzes, supplemental readings, and more.

I initially released the course in beta form to just 300 students. Today, I’m happy to announce that Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails is available to all as a self-paced online course.

MOOM is a compilation of everything I’ve learned about writing flexible and comprehensible OO code over my two decades as a software developer, distilled and applied to practical Ruby and Rails examples. Rather than teaching a comprehensive “system” for OO design, MOOM focuses on inspirationgiving you the tools you need to identify the “missing objects” to decompose your applications into small, cohesive parts. It is a self-paced course that includes:

  • A collection of 23 fast-paced video lessons selected from the renowned RubyTapas archives, with new introductory material and “food for thought” exercises.
  • The Capacitor Sessions, a series of recorded pair-programming sessions showing how the object-oriented mindset is applied on a real-world Rails project.* (IMHO these videos alone are easily worth the price of admission).
  • 8 recorded hour-long Q&A sessions with industry experts like Justin Searls, Betsy Haibel, Ben Orenstein, Noel Rappin, and Corey Haines.
  • Supplemental reading and viewing: curated pointers to best-of-the-best talks, articles, and papers on OO thinking.
  • A dedicated forum for sharing and learning from other students.
  • Almost $300 in course-exclusive savings on related books and courses from Sandi Metz, Katrina Owen, Kent Beck, Justin Weiss, and many others.

(*Note: The Capacitor Sessions videos are fully recorded, but some of them are still in post-production. Course members receive emailed updates as the episodes are released.)

Here are some things that beta students had to to say about MOOM:

“I just want to thank you for the MOOM course. It is incredibly good… what really inspired me was the discussions with the special guests. Listening to experienced hands break down tricky issues with all of their trade-offs and warts (including contextual factors like team composition and business constraints) was wonderful.”
— Noah Botimer

“The way the class was organized was really accessible and digestible. I feel like I regularly am applying concepts I learned in this course to my growth as a software developer.”
— Marylou Lenhart

“I enjoyed the depth and breadth of the subjects covered. There were so many things I did not know about, Whole Objects for example, Smart Collections for another that it enabled me to quickly add more skills and concepts to my code.”
— Mitchell Gould

Are you ready to master the object-oriented mindset? Head on over to the course pagefor more information, or buy it now.

Happy hacking!

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