Where to find me in 2015

The first half of my conference-going year is starting to firm up, so I thought I’d briefly post about where you can find me this year, if you feel so inclined. So far it’s a light year for travel, but I’ll probably be adding a few more dates as the year advances.

March 4-8: Tropical Ruby 2015, Brazil

I feel like this speaks for itself:


If you want to join me here, check out the site. They are also seeking sponsors, in case you represent a company that is looking to invest in the community.

July 20: Brighton Ruby Conference, England

Apparently 2015 has a beach theme. I’m excited about this conference, because after years of passing through Heathrow on the way to somewhere else, I’m finally attending a conference in England itself!

Here’s the website. This conference is seeking sponsors as well!

Beyond July: ???

I’m not actively submitting talks this year. But if you want me to come speak at your conference, or for that matter if you just want me to come and wear silly hats and spend a day pair-programming with attendees, get in touch. Bonus points if your conference has a dance floor.

Tangent: a CoC policy

I was very pleased to see that both of the above-referenced conferences had prominent codes of conduct posted on their websites. This is something that I am now looking for when considering whether to attend a conference (whether I am speaking or not).

As far as why, I think John Scalzi sums it up best:

Because I want my friends and fans to be able to come to a convention and feel assured that the convention is making the effort to be a safe place for them. I want my friends and fans to know that if someone creeps on them, there’s a process to deal with it, quickly and fairly. And I want my friends and fans to know that I don’t support conventions that won’t go out of their way to do both of these things.

As far as details go: basically, Scalzi’s policy is my policy too. If you have any questions, check out his original post and the followup FAQ.

(And a big thank-you to John for, once again, saying sensible things so that I can be lazy and point people to them.)

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