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First off, I had a great time at DCRUG last night. I enjoyed getting a peek at Jeff Casimir‘s “pre-alpha” presentation on Rails views. And Joel Strait‘s live demo of BEATS was very cool.

I did something a little different from my previous “Exceptional Ruby” talks. Since the time slot was limited to half an hour, I just picked five things most people don’t know about Ruby exceptions and went through them one by one. I think I enjoyed this talk more than any other I’ve given; with the pressure off to get through a ton of material in a short time, I was able to relax and just enjoy showing off some fun tricks. There’s video up already, thanks to JP Arnold.

RailsConf / BohConf

I will be presenting my talk Confident Code, on how to write Ruby code in a straightforward, narrative style, at RailsConf this Tuesday at 2:50PM, in Ballroom II. No, this is not the exceptions talk. However, if you want to hear me blab about failure handling, I’ll be hosting a guided exploration on Ruby exceptions on Tuesday evening at 5:30PM in the BohConf room. I’m thinking of doing a variation on the DCRUG talk, and just leading folks through some code examples that demonstrate little-known aspects of Ruby exceptions. It should be a lot of fun, I hope to see you there!

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