Open for business!

NOTE: For anyone who comes across this post, I am no longer accepting consulting work. This post is kept up for posterity only.

I am pleased to announce that ShipRise LLC, my consulting company, is now accepting work effective immediately. I am available for services including:

  • Ruby on Rails Application Development. I’ve been writing Ruby code for almost ten years, and Rails applications since 2007. Whether it’s a building a green-field app or evolving an existing application, I can add value quickly, pragmatically, and sustainably.
  • Hard Problems. Do you have a problem that goes beyond the typical web application stack? Need to build a distributed service, or interface with legacy systems? Talk to me. I have experience with everything from resource-constrained embedded systems, to high performance IP networking middleware, to cloud-based distributed processing and more.
  • Dispersed team facilitation. I’ve been managing and working with widely distributed teams for years. And I’ve talked with numerous distributed teams about how they do remote work effectively. If you have a distributed team or are thinking of creating one, I can help you make it work.

If you’ve ever benefited from my writing, Open Source work, or talks I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me out by by telling your friends, retweeting this post, etc. Thanks!

UPDATE: For anyone who is wondering, yes, I am still working with We Are Titans as well.

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