NoneSuch: The Greatest Ruby Gem EVAR

I am very proud to announce a brand new, incredibly cool Ruby gem: NoneSuch. Here’s a short video to introduce it.

UPDATE: Got a NoneSuch success story? A disastrous failure story? Enter the contest and win a ticket to Day Camp 4 Developers 2!


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  1. I'm really disappointed. NoneSuch presentation barely uses any buzzwords. What about XML, XSLT, Virtualization, SEO, SQLServer, .NET? What? It only works with ruby? But that's not even a “real” language. You know all the cool words that cool kids in HR Department know?

    On a side note. I know a manger who makes weekly presentations at the meetings, and all he does is read the Word file, that he has on the projector and emails to everyone the day before the meeting, out loud for about 20 to 30 minutes. That file barely has any text – mostly numbers, and graphs. It takes about 5 mins to scan through all of it. Every damn week.

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