MOOM Course Schedule Change

Short version: The course Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails (MOOM) will now be starting Monday, January 8 instead of December 4. The deadline for enrollment is now Friday, December 22.

Great News! Today, January 3rd, we were able to add an additional 25 seats to the course.  Make your reservations for these quickly disappearing seats.

The whys and wherefores:

The MOOM beta course is my first online course offering, and like any beta it’s an iterative learning process. One thing that I’ve learned so far is that I need a bit more time than I originally gave myself to fit all the various moving parts together. I considered slipping the schedule by just two weeks, but since I had already planned on a two-week break for the holidays, that would have meant kicking off the course and then almost immediately going to break. So, I’m pushing it back a full month instead.

I want to be as transparent as possible about the planning process, so here’s a breakdown of my course prep TODO list and where I’m at right now (completed tasks are crossed off):

  • Outline the course
  • Plan course components
  • Set up ecommerce system and store page
  • Record introductory video
  • Write the course landing page
  • Announce the course
  • Compose a freebie preliminary course and blog post to publicize the course
  • Find a pairing partner for the pair-programming component
  • Recruit Q&A guests
  • Set up Learning Management System (LMS) and link with store
  • Set up multi-seat (team) plans and self-administration
  • Set up course forum and integrate with LMS
  • Write introductory/orientation course section
  • Choose and test live Q&A webcasting solution
  • Schedule Q&As
  • Improve course onboarding
  • Prepare pair-programming environment and example project
  • Record first pair-programming session
  • Queue up the first two weeks of lessons
    • (As I’ve mentioned before, most of the lesson material is going to be drawn from the RubyTapas archives. So the fact that I don’t have all the lessons assembled already at this point isn’t as big a red flag as it might sound. The raw material is ready, and I know roughly the order in which I want to present it.)
  • Whatever else I’ve forgotten to list

As you can see, I’ve been busy, but there are still a few pieces to fit into place. As this is also the time of year when I’m preparing for family holiday celebrations (and lining up health insurance for next year, hooray US healthcare system!), I felt it would be best to give myself and my collaborators a little more breathing space to make the final preparations.

This also gives me the ability to close course enrollment a couple of weeks before the course kicks off. Which in turn enables me to make sure everyone is squared away and ready to go before the lessons begin.

So, for course members: the course will now begin Monday, January 8 2018.

If you haven’t purchased the course but you’re interested, you now have until Friday, December 22 to secure your seat. Note: as of this writing, there are only 18 seats remaining of the 300 I planned to sell.

Thanks for your understanding, and I look forward to seeing you in the course!



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