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I get a lot of emails asking if I know of any Ruby job opportunities, or if I know any available Ruby developers. Since I don’t really have time to play matchmaker, I thought I’d try an experiment.

So! This is an open job thread. Got some availability? Post it it in the comments. Hiring developers, or looking for a contract or? Post the info. Please indicate if remote is OK.

Have at it! If this is a a success I may make it a semi-regular thing.


  1. Available for remote projects. Areas of expertise include C/C++ (need to wrap a native lib in a gem?), data processing, heavy database work (including performance tuning), working with Unicode data, and internationalization issues.

  2. SEOmoz is hiring. We have teams working in python, C++ and ruby. My team is solving some really interesting problems to which rails is poorly suited so we’re using things like Sinatra, Sequel and several in-house gems we’ve developed.

    SEOmoz is a fantastic place to work–the challenges are interesting (and working at a scale far larger than anything I had done previously–a system I wrote last year is processing 50million+ records a day), the company treats employees incredibly well (among other things, SEOmoz will reimburse up to $3000 of a vacation) and I love working here. The company has provided me many opportunities to work on open source as part of my job. And the $12,000 referral program (linked below) we started last year is still going, too.

    We have some remote contractors, but for full time employees, you’ll generally have to work out of our Seattle office at least a couple days per week.

    For more info:

  3. Some work in Europe for a change – beautiful Berlin in fact 🙂

    Wimdu is hiring.
    Good parts: We are fairly light on process and our superiors give us enough room to have fun trying new stuff while getting stuff done! Location & offices are great, too, so is the equipment and general atmosphere.
    Other parts: Winter is coming 😉 & right now, we are only looking for on-site and very experienced/senior folks!

    Feel free to get in touch with me directly. My name email is

  4. Factory Code Labs is hiring on-site developers in Denver, CO to work on a variety of internal tools, open source projects, and client-driven apps. We have a number of large clients including The North Face, Oakley and Callaway Golf. Perks are great, benefits are the best I’ve seen, and the work environment is awesome.

    If you enjoy working on beautifully designed software or elegantly architected library code, be sure to drop me a line personally:

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