Friday Linkdump

I doubt this will become a habit, but this week I’ve got a big backlog of notable things.

Lennart Fridén: Announcing my journeymanship. It’s cool to see more programmers doing this.

José Valim: Introducing reducees. Great read on introducing Clojure-inspired stream abstractions within the limitations of the Erlang VM. Specifically: how do you cleanly halt production of values without the help of fibers or call/cc?

Five lists of six things about Rust.

Micheal Feathers: The carrying-cost of code.

I seem to have inspired a few other people to assemble their own programming language roadmaps. Here’s one.

Reasons why it’s hard to find senior women engineers.

Breaking down successful pair programming. Some solid observations here.


Self: the movie. A lost vision of the future of programming.

Quote of the day:

Use whichever syntax (graphical or textual) you prefer. Remember, object philosophy questions the utility of any representation or model beyond its immediate assistance to those involved in making the model. Don’t get cought up trying to make your model “complete”, “accurate”, or “true”.


Object Thinking

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