The Ruby community has seen a renaissance of interest in classic Object-Oriented thinking lately. We’re talking about Presenters, and DCI, and Data Objects. But with these new discussions come new problems. Namely: the dreaded pattern terminology debate. He says it’s a Decorator. She says it’s an Adapter. Who is right?

Well fret no more, because I have devoted literally tens of minutes of effort to creating a solution to all of these nagging semantic questions. I give you: the Design Pattern Classifier. Give it a chunk of code, and it will tell you, to within 0.001 of a Dijkstra (the universal measurement unit of software correctness), the name of that pattern!

Enjoy, won’t you?

Published by Avdi Grimm


  1. Was that implemented with the Nonesuch gem?

  2. It’s the kind of thing, “How did we ever live without this?”


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