Undoing and redoing changes to Emacs window layouts (Emacs Reboot #17)

It’s frustrating when you have your buffers laid out just so, and then some command messes them up. In this episode I enable winner-mode, which keeps a ring buffer of window configurations so you can undo and redo changes to the window just like changes to a file.


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  1. Hi Avdi, I recall a Ruby Rogues episode (the one about IDEs) where you mention not having to write end in your ruby code.  What mode/minor mode/package/self written function do you use for that?

  2. Hey!! I came across looking for ways of controlling Emacs when performing settings, Yep, if you cannot restart Emacs daemon you are forced to restart the system entirely for checking out changes.. but you input is a screen post, great!! but I’ve just decided not using the java & CIA & flash-player plugin on my Firefox for the OS alternatives instead and also cannot watch your recomms, what I’m doing is pick the url up and watch it on SM-player (it’s all codecs built in) could you please share them or suggest alternatives?? Thanks anyway!!

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