A List of Programming Screencast Series

UPDATE: This list is now very out of date. Please check out the updated version instead.

Since I publish a screencast series, I’m curious what other programming screencasts people watch. So I asked around. Here’s the list, based on feedback as well as my own bookmarks.

Feel free to submit additions or corrections.


    1. Being serious though, I think you should add them. I’m not aware of another list like this and it could be very useful, so it makes sense to have it on there even though this is your site.

    2. lol, Avdi, I love how you make fun of yourself. The last tapas where you said something about putting everything on one page. 😀

    1. I concur with this mention.

      Full Disclosure: I am the creator of GoDjango

      Thanks Marek for the mention 🙂

  1. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this is the one blog post of all blog posts I have ever ready that I will derive the most long term knowledge and joy from. Amazing, amazing stuff and much appreciated.

  2. I do a weekly hangout that is over 20 episodes deep at this point. I started with HTML, proceeded with CSS 2.1, and will be starting Bootstrap this evening. After this I’ll be doing JavaScript/jQuery. Weekly, thursday nights at 7:30pm Eastern – http://learn.sampson.ms.

  3. Hey Avdi,

    I’d like to throw in a new one for Ember.js and Node/Express.js – EmberGrep.com.

    Right now there are two full courses available: one on prototyping and learning Ember.js and Ember CLI and the other covers building applications and APIs with Express.js and Node.

    Sorry if this is a double post, I was trying to send earlier but was having connection issues on my plane flight.

  4. A late entry, but please consider adding https://CodexCasts.com We cover Platino Game Development, as well as Appcelerator/Titanium Native Mobile App Development for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and even an episode on Blackberry.

    This is the same Andrew McElroy who turned over tryruby.org to codeschool.com.

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