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Writing boring code with the help of ChatGPT

I’ve been dragging my heels on experimenting with ChatGPT for writing code. As someone who gets a lot of pleasure from crafting code, having it generated for me is just… boring. But maybe we can use that to our advantage. One place that ChatGPT for code might change the picture: coding chores that are low enough leverage we might otherwise opt not to do them at all.

Here’s screencast about tackling one such boring chore in my banana stand. If folks like it I might make a new series on Graceful.Dev.

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  1. I use ChatGPT regularly, and sometimes it amazes me, others it shocks me. One time I asked it how I would attach image to my Rails model. It came up with a migration for that, which seemed odd but I went with it. When it didn’t work, I asked ChatGPT if it made up the column type “image”, and it proudly said “Yes, I made it up”. 😂

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