Watch me build an app (one day sale!)

As I posted a few months ago, the good folks at TekPub recently took my hours of footage of a weekend coding project and turned it into a tightly edited hour-and-fifteen-minute screencast.

Well, as you might have heard, TekPub has since been acquired by Pluralsight. First of all, I just want to say huge congratulations to Rob and the TekPub team. I understand that this move frees him up to spend more quality time with his family, which I think is awesome. And I want to thank them one more time for doing such a terrific job on this video.

In the wake of the acquisition, Rob was good enough to turn the Cowsays video over to me to distribute. Today I’m happy to announce that “The Making of” is now available directly from my store.

To celebrate putting this video back on the market, today only you can get it for just $9 (instead of the regular price of $15) with coupon code COWSAYS9.

UPDATE: The deal above has passed, but the video is still available!

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In case you missed the last post about it and are curious what this video is all about, check out the preview below, and read on for more details.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch “over my shoulder” as I think my way through an application, this is the video for you. I cover a ton of ground in this video, from basic REST API stuff to using less-common libraries like DataMapper and Erector. Here’s the list of all the topics covered:

  • Start with nothing but a failing integration test.
  • Use IO.popen to call out to Perl from Ruby.
  • Set up Guard to automate tests and Bundler updates.
  • Use Hub and Magit to simplify working with Git and GitHub.
  • TDD a simple Sinatra service using RSpec and rack-test.
  • Create a Heroku app.
  • Create a Rackup file and deploy to Heroku.
  • Refactoring the Sinatra app from a “classic” app to a “modular” style app.
  • Switching to Unit Tests as method logic increases in complexity.
  • Migrate from a Sinatra app to a Rails app that mounts the Sinatra app as a service.
  • Use Datamapper for persistence.
  • Use Erector for object-oriented views.
  • Use Coffeescript and jQuery to liven up the UI.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, hit the big red button!

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