The semicolon is important

Spotted in an old project of mine, a meditation on the fleeting nature of truth in code comments.

[code languate=”make”]

A template for declaring a rule, for use in ($eval …)


Note: The semicolon is important!

$1: $(call FIND_ASSET,$(patsubst $(CURDIR)/%,%,$1))



  1. Hi Avdi! I have no clue what that means, obviously as I don’t speak Ruby. But it reminded me of the hours I’ve spent looking for a missing semicolon in SAS. The semicolon ends a command statement, and if you miss one, all subsequent lines of code are screwed up and the program won’t run.

  2. I don’t think that’s Ruby. In any case, I think the joke is that the semicolon – which was so important it warranted its own comment – is no longer in the code. But the comment remains….

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