5 Steps to to a Fast, Reliable Test Suite

5 Steps to a Fast, Reliable Test Suite

Have more fun coding by writing better tests.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

You struggle with knowing where to start when writing tests for your code. You’re sick of writing dozens of tests, only to have to update or delete all of them when you add the smallest feature. You lack confidence in your test suite.

Guess what: you’re not alone. I’m Avdi Grimm (from RubyTapas), and over the years I’ve heard similar stories from countless developers. When people ask me about getting better at writing tests, I point them to Noel Rappin.

Who is Noel? He’s the author of Rails Test Prescriptions, my all-time favorite Ruby testing book. He’s a frequent conference speaker on software testing. And in his workshops, he has taught hundreds of developers how to up their software testing game.

I’ve teamed up with Noel to bring you Noel Rappin’s Testing Journal, a 5-part email course that draws from Noel’s extensive experience teaching better testing strategies. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Join Noel to learn:

  • How to use tests to break complex logic into small, approachable pieces.
  • How to get big scary chunks of legacy code under test.
  • How to continually improve your testing skills.

…all in Noel’s trademark pragmatic, non-dogmatic style.

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