Social Profile Services – A Summary

It has come to my attention more than once that is sorely in need of updates and more complete info. At some point I plan on having someone design a custom home page, but until I get around to it I really need some kind of global profile page that is as painless and informative as possible while still being attractive. So I asked around on Twitter.

I need a profile page which pulls together all of my various identities, until I get around to having a custom home page designed. Services?

I received about a zillion replies, so I thought I’d summarize them here for anyone else looking for such a service.

In alphabetical order:

This is not a review, so I’m presenting these mostly without comment. The only observation I’ll make is that they seem to fall into two rough categories:, Google Profile, and Hi, I’m are all about functional designs which present as much information as possible. and, on the other hand, seem more design-oriented, with more options for creating striking, attractive, and less informationally-dense profiles.

Incidentally, if you’re a designer and you think you could design me an awesome home page for a reasonable price, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks to @xanderbecket, @jonathanjulian, @jacobrothstein, @jamesarosen, @ychaker, @pjb3, @bbrinck, @mattsears, @justlikeair, @rwilcox, @danielsju6, @lfaren and @bobmock for the suggestions!

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