It’s been well over a year since I announced this project, but today I’m proud to finally be launching RubyTapas, my subscription screencast service!

RubyTapas is all about small plates of gourmet code: brief, focused screencasts on Ruby techniques, idioms, and standard libraries, as well as practical applications of OO design principles in Ruby.

New RubyTapas episodes will go out three days a week. I’ll be publishing the Monday episodes for free on this site, but you’ll need to subscribe to get the Wednesday and Friday episodes. In addition to receiving all three episodes a week, subscribing will get you:

  • Full transcripts of each episode.
  • Full source code for each episode.
  • Access to the complete archive of previous episodes.
  • Email notification as soon as a new episode is ready.

Now without further ado, here’s the inaugural episode, which covers Ruby’s handy syntax for binary literals!


(Too low-res? Click the full-screen button and wait a few moments, the resolution will increase automatically.)

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Published by Avdi Grimm


  1. Hi Avdi,

    I find 2 min. a little bit too short. Will the pro/paid videos be longer?
    About 4 or 5 min. would be great 🙂
    One other thing, you did in the video was not clear to me: I see, you are using Ruby mode in Emacs, but I didn’t know, you could execute all statements and print the output in the comment nearby. How do you do that? Is this a part of Ruby mode or a custom Ruby extension?

    • While I’ll definitely evolving with time and feedback, the plan right now is to keep all of the videos between 1 and 5 minutes. I want them to be exactly long enough to deliver one new idea, and no longer. If I think a topic warrants 4-5 minutes then I’ll use that much time; if not, it’ll be shorter.

      I’ll definitely be covering how I do the in-buffer evaluation in a future blog post.

    • Given 3 screencasts p/w I actually quite like the 1-5 min format… I have a big backlog of rails casts I’m trying to catch up on because they go for close to 20 mins each

  2. Oh this is super awesome Avdi. Subscribed.

  3. Another tip: When writing binary literals for permissions, take you can write them with underscores like this: 0b111_101_101


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