Project Automation Workshop Survey

Project automation is hard to define exactly, but broadly speaking it’s the stuff that you typically run with make, rake, ant, npm run, gradle or similar task runners and build tools. It includes scripts for building software, running tests, assembling documentation, deploying code, or munging metrics.

Modern project automation also extends to using services like Github Actions, and to building non-executable projects like ebooks and static websites.

I have a longtime interest in project automation, both as a software developer and as an ebook author. I’m planning on running a course about project automation in the near future. I’d like your feedback on what are the most interesting topics you’d like to see covered in such a workshop.

(If you’re wondering about Rake appearing so prominently in the survey: I really like Rake, and I have some opinions about why it should be near the top of your list when selecting a project automation tool. If you’re not interested in Rake specifically, just sort it to the bottom of the list.)

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