Please help me find a web design mentor

My wife Stacey is getting back into web design after a 15-year hiatus, with a goal of having a job in the field a year from now.

She may also be interested in development in the future, but design comes first.

She’s on a timeline, and can’t afford to drown in a sea of resources. Suggestions of sites, online schools, organizations that can help, etc. are all useful, but what she really needs is a mentor. Someone who can point her at what to study next, tell her what’s essential and what’s tangential, and help her when she gets stuck.

If this sounds like you, or you know someone who might be willing, we would both really, really appreciate it.

If you don’t want to comment publically, you can use my contact form to get in touch.

Thank you so much!


  1. You know the best thing she could do is get a web designer job and make a deal with her prospective boss that she will work for cost (travel + a bit) for the first x couple of months.

  2. I was visited by a small thought: she could have taken some courses, let’s say at the Coursera. This usually works well.

    Just by the way, since we mentioned a design, I think you could make the fonts on your blog a little darker, in this case it would be easier to read (especially the left sidebar, for example). It would be nice to have a little more contrast.

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