New pairing video and more updates

Hi all! I’m still plugging away at updates to the MOOM course to get it ready for the final release July 23rd.

Note that while all of the Capacitor Sessions raw video is “in the can”, the finished videos have a long turnaround time to publish. That’s because we’re editing them to remove pauses, shorten long typing sections, highlight conversations, improve audio quality, and write up notes. Consequently, I’ll be continuing to add new episodes to the course after the final release date. I’ll send out an update to members every time new pairing videos are added.

  • I’ve removed the last of the formal quizzes from the course. I was never really happy with the quizzes, and I got some feedback that they were frustrating and/or buggy. Now that I’ve had time to see them in action, I don’t feel like this course’s subject matter really lends itself to formal pass/fail quizzes. Of course the “food for thought” discussion prompts will still remain.

That’s all for now. Please feel free to reply with any course feedback you have! I’m constantly looking for ways to polish MOOM and make it more accessible and useful.