New book, and a huge birthday sale!

Much Ado About Naught CoverTwo things: today I’m releasing a new book, and I’m having a great big one-day birthday sale.

New book!

First, the book. As you may know, I released a new gem recently called Naught. What you may not know is that I wrote that gem as a Literate Program. In other words, what I actually wrote was a little book, and the gem was a byproduct.

Today I’m releasing that book. It’s called “Much Ado About Naught: An adventure in Ruby metaprogramming“. The title pretty much sums it up: this is a book about one of my very favorite pastimes, metaprogramming in Ruby. As you watch the Naught library come together, you’ll see me demonstrate most of the metaprogramming tricks, techniques and gotchas that I’ve learned over the years.

It’s also a book about TDD, because I followed a strict process while writing the library and the book:

  1. Explain the next feature to be written.
  2. Translate the prose explanation into concrete RSpec tests.
  3. Write code to make the tests pass.
  4. Refactor (and explain).
  5. Repeat.

Oh, and one more thing, it’s filled with delightful Paintbrush illustrations by Lauren Shepard! (aka my mom)

This book is technically still in beta, but that’s really just because I’m still doing some copy-editing and tweaking the output formats. Otherwise it’s finished and ready to be read. If you want a taste of it, I’ve put the introduction online.

Now, on to the other item of business…

Birthday Sale!

Today is my birthday, and as has become tradition, I’m throwing a great big sale to celebrate. This year I’m offering 50% off anything in my store for any purchase of $10 or more. That means any of the books or screencasts found here. To get these savings just use coupon code: HAPPY0X21

And yes, this includes the brand new “Much Ado About Naught” book. It lists for $12, but today you can get it for $6.

[cta size=”medium” url=”″ action=”Buy it now!”]

Or shop for other products. Just don’t forget to enter the discount code!

Thanks for supporting me in writing about the stuff I love. Happy hacking!


  1. Amazing Avdi, have just acquired it but i didn’t receive the PDF version. Only epub, html and mobi. In the html version i have just received the naught.html file without any of the images that it tries to load.

    1. As it says in the product details, the PDF is coming soon. That’s part of what makes it a beta.

      Sorry about the missing images in the HTML, that’s a bug I found out earlier today and it’ll be fixed with the next release.

      Thanks for the purchase!

  2. Avdi, just tried to purchase your “Much Ado About Naught: An adventure in Ruby metaprogramming“, but it said the coupon is not available… was your “one-day” sale on east coast time. Where I am at it’s still the 5th… thanks.

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