More talks about less code!

Hey you! Yes you.

Do you cringe when you see a Ruby project with hundreds of gem dependencies? Do you enjoy finding minimal solutions to software problems? Do you have a great story about improving a program by reducing it to a tenth of its former size? Do you maintain a Ruby gem that’s just a hundred lines of code?

Does this tweet make you a little bit giddy?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, listen up! My friend and former Ruby Rogue James Edward Gray II is curating a Less Code track at RubyConf this year. It’s all about solving problems with elegantly small amounts of code.

He has some space in his track for more talks. But! You only have until August 31 to submit a talk. So go submit a talk right now!

Remember, you don’t have to have a whole talk planned out in order to submit a proposal. And in fact, the great thing about submitting to RubyConf is that we (the program committee) will actually help you develop your talk, by giving feedback!

So what are you waiting for? Submit today!

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