Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails

Pair-Programming Preview

Short, focused technique demonstrations are a great way to learn a new concept, but often they feel far removed from the "real world" of messy codebases and mysteriously failing tests. That's why the second of the three primary "strands" of the MOOM course is a series of recorded pair-programming sessions in which Betsy Haibel and I (Avdi Grimm) tackle adding a new feature to a real-world Rails application. Along the way, we take frequent time-outs to discuss our reasoning for the decisions we're making.

Here's a free sample from this series of pair-programming videos. 


The full course contains recordings of 15 pair-programming sessions, broken down into ~20 minute chunks like this one for easy digestibility. As you can see, we've carefully edited these videos to retain the flavor of a real pair-programming session while keeping them fast-paced and information-dense.

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