Looking for a new NullDB maintainer

NullDB network on Github
NullDB network on Github

I love Open Source. NullDB, a weekend hack that I barely touched after its first version, continues to attract periodic forks and patches. For a long time I’ve been meaning to sit down and roll in all the contributions that people have made over the last couple of years.

But I realized something yesterday. I haven’t used ActiveRecord for anything serious for around a year. And I can’t imagine choosing to use ActiveRecord for any projects in the future, because I literally can’t think of a single scenario in which AR is a better choice than DataMapper. (Just as an example of DataMapper’s awesomeness: it turns out NullDB isn’t even needed for DataMapper, because you get it for free).

There isn’t a foreseeable future in which I’ll be using NullDB regularly, and if I’m not using it it’s never going to be a priority for me. Which, realistically, means it’s never going to have my attention.

I think the time has come to turn NullDB over to a new maintainer, someone who has a more active interest in testing ActiveRecord-based codebases. The ideal candidate would:

  1. Be using NullDB on a daily basis.
  2. Have submitted at least one tested NullDB patch.
  3. Be committed to the NullDB philosophy of preferring public APIs to fragile monkeypatching.

If you think this describes you and you are interested in becoming the NullDB maintainer, please get in touch.

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