Looking for a donor RoR app

Hi, folks. I’m in the market for a hand-me-down app. Specifically:

  • Open-source or public domain
  • Smallish, but real. Not just a “hello world” app.
  • Does something that most people would understand without a ton of domain-specific background.
  • Built with Ruby on Rails 3 or later
  • Working (if there are bugs that’s OK)
  • Doesn’t have to have tests
  • If the code is a mess that’s fine. If it’s embarrassing, that’s fine. You can donate anonymously if you wish 😉

Basically I’m looking for your first Rails app, or maybe that hackathon project that you launched and then lost interest.

Comment, tweet at me, or otherwise get in touch! Thanks!


  1. When I have time, I try to work on https://github.com/siruguri/os_twitter_client/ – I can’t say I’m super proud of it, re code quality, but my goal is to mainly gather tweet data and play around with what it takes to do large scale network analysis. It’s marginally complex, though some of it is false complexity created by a slap-dash coding style. Happy to answer questions … I am not really looking to pass it on to a maintainer, but feel free to fork it, and do what you will with it.

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