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  • I’d been looking for a way to manage databases for multiple branches of an app, and this is one of the (many) suggestions.

    tags: development database ruby rails git

    • Rails plugin to play nice with git branching and databases. Loads abranch-specific database YAML file allowing you to migrate in branches withoutaffecting the database of other branches.
  • tags: development javascript

    • JavaScript Garden is a growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language. It gives advice to avoid common mistakes, subtle bugs, as well as performance issues and bad practices that non-expert JavaScript programmers may encounter on their endeavours into the depths of the language.
  • Really cool to see a practical example of some of the  new C++ features.

    tags: development c++ c++0x

    • I still like the Python version better, as it looks cleaner to me, but I’m glad the new features can help us reduce the amount of boilerplate where switching to newer languages is not possible (sometimes you just NEED the extra speed). Kudos to the C++ standards committee for the improvements and the gcc team for keeping up with them
  • tags: scala java concurrency development

    • We believe that writing correct concurrent, fault-tolerant and scalable applications is too hard. Most of the time it’s because we are using the wrong tools and the wrong level of abstraction.
  • tags: ruby rubygems docuementation

    • Bdoc is a simple replacement for the gem or yard server. All it does islook at all of the Gems you have installed locally and creates a niceiframe based browser that makes it easy to navigate between gem docs. ITDOES NOT REQUIRE A SERVER FOR VIEWING… not like gem server does!
  • I really need to give Parslet a shot; I’ve been badly disappointed by the nonexistent error reporting in other Ruby parser generators.

    tags: development ruby parser

      • parslet makes developing complex parsers easy. It does so by
      • providing the best error reporting possible
      • not generating reams of code for you to debug
  • How to use DataMapper with Spork and Rails 3

    tags: development ruby rails datamapper

  • A library of efficient immutable collection classes (a la Clojure) for Ruby.

    tags: development ruby data

    • Hamster collections are immutable. Whenever you modify a Hamstercollection, the original is preserved and a modified copy is returned. Thismakes them inherently thread-safe and sharable.
  • My guess is that the same algorithm implemented in Haskell would once again run faster than Ruby. But this is a good reminder that the language is never the first place to look for performance improvements.

    tags: development ruby haskell performance

    • Brian’s approach is to generate all of the substrings in the input string, then filter that list of substrings to those which are palindromes, and then output the longest one which passes through that filter. A cursory analysis indicates that this is O(n^2) which is in-line with his data.

      I couldn’t resist, so I sat down with my MacBook and my Sunday morning coffee and wrote my version of the program, in about 30-45 minutes.

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