Last Chance for Exceptional Ruby Beta

As you probably know I’m writing an eBook called “Exceptional Ruby”, based on my talk of the same name. For a couple of months now it has been available as a Beta release, as I work on adding the last few sections, tightening up the copy, and improving the PDF layout and typesetting. This week I’ve decided that I’m going to make a concerted push to get the book Done.

During the Beta period I’ve been selling the book for US $9.   Once I finish it and start marketing it in earnest, I’ll be raising the price, probably to something in the $12-$18 range.

So, this is your last chance to get in on the Beta rate, as well as to contribute feedback which may be incorporated into the book. Which also means it’s your last chance to get your name into the acknowledgements as a contributor 🙂

Gee, Avdi, this sounds like a transparent ploy to make more sales. Well yes, it is. At least in the sense that I hope to sell a few more Beta copies. The price-hike part is completely true; I will be raising the price. The fact of the matter is that by focusing on the book and other personal projects this week, I’m not making any money on client work, and it would really help to have some Beta sales to help me feel like I’m not being a complete idiot.

Also, I really would like to make sure I have the maximum amount of feedback before I call it “done” and move on to the next project.

So if you’re ready to level up your Ruby error-handling skills, and you like a bargain, click on the link below. And then please send me feedback!

Buy Now!

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