Landing pages are written, not designed

As I’ve been reading up on marketing and copywriting, I realized something: as a programmer, ignorant of marketing and surrounded by countless slick pitches for programmer-oriented products, I had come to think of sales/landing pages as something you create, or design. (Or, more likely, hire someone else to design.)

Whereas the people I’m reading now talk about writing a landing page.

Sure, that might just be because they are professional copywriters.

But they are also professional marketers. And they lead with the assumption that a landing page is something you write.

Yeah, they usually have a few things to say about making it look nice. But looking nice is pretty far down their list of priorities. Let alone having something custom-designed and bespoke for your brand.

This makes the whole concept feel a lot more approachable for me.

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  1. It’s fascinating, as someone who works in branding/marketing, to see these last few posts – an intelligently naïve engineer’s approach to my own discipline, making me realise the things I take for granted and the things that don’t. I hope you keep writing them!

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