How to meet people at tech events when you’re awkward and shy

Are you a meetup wallflower? Believe it or not, so am I.

Jessica Kerr isn’t, though. She’s one of the most vibrantly social developers I know. The other day I asked her: what are some ways to get over awkwardness and make valuable connections at tech events? We recorded the conversation, and you can watch it right here. Or, you can get an enhanced version with edited video, audio downloads, and a PDF below.


Want to get the key takeaways AND support more content like this? I’m trying an experiment. I’ve distilled the conversation down to a concise, tightly-edited 15-minute version. You can have .mp4 and .mp3 versions of both the long and short versions, AND a PDF we authored together containing 32 takeaways (including a few we didn’t talk about in the video), for just $5.

Sarah Mei says“Highly recommend… even the PDF summary had several new ideas I’m going to try out at my next meetup.”


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