Hello, Red Dirt Ruby!

I’m really enjoying Red Dirt Ruby Conference so far! Love the single-track, short-talks format. Also, I got free jerky from Jerky.com, which is awesome.

If you’re coming in because of my DataMapper talk, here are some notes:

For anyone curious, yes the Google Sheet adapter I used as an example is real. No, I haven’t released it yet; but I will just as soon as I can extract it from the app it’s in.

Shameless plug: I’m writing (actually, finishing up) an eBook on Ruby exceptions and advanced error handling techniques. You can get a taste of the material hereSign up here to get an invitation to the beta. The book is now released!Book sales help me cover my travel expenses to conferences like Red Dirt, so I really appreciate the business!

Also! I presently have a slot open for a part-time consulting client. If you’re looking to augment your team with an experienced Ruby developer, get in touch!

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