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Find out why Flawless Ruby is the course after the Ruby course:

Praise for Flawless Ruby

This is ridiculously good value

Sean McCarthy

Anybody looking to polish their Ruby skills should look at Avdi's fabulous courses... Bite sized and always interesting!

Julien Vanier

I'm learning so much already from the Flawless Ruby course by @avdi and I love it!!!


If you want to improve your Ruby skills (in particular) or programming skills (in general), this would be a 💯 course.


Great reminder of many details and many helpful tips

it seems ruby has lots of depth - even for features I use daily

Bill Tihen

Awesome. It was a really insightful course.

My biggest takeaway was learning about some of the little tidbits in Ruby and tips on writing better Ruby code.

If you're just starting to learn Ruby, you definitely will learn a lot from this course just like I did.

Temitope Joloko

You've mastered the basics of Ruby... it's time to go deeper.

Ruby is a large, rich language. All that richness is there to enhance developer happiness, but it's not always obvious how to express yourself in the most "Rubyish" way.

Flawless Ruby draws from the renowned RubyTapas screencast series to give you a masterclass in Ruby style, idiom, and best practices. The 24 lessons are broken down into four categories:

  • Learn advanced uses of Ruby variables. See how to accurately visualize variable behavior, how to make use of “splats” to destructure data structures, and how to understand the way Ruby looks up constants.
  • Explore Ruby's rich variety of literal value syntaxes. See how to readably format large integers, how to safely and legibly work with multiline blocks of text, how to de-noise regular expressions, and how to conveniently construct arrays of Strings.
  • Deepen your understanding of Ruby's flow control operators. Learned the difference between symbolic and English and/or operators; discover advanced uses of the break and keyword; learn how to automatically redo operations until they succeed, and how to break out of deeply-nested control flow without resorting to exceptions.
  • Explore some lesser-known features of Ruby's core classes. Master boolean values, construct ad-hoc value objects with Struct, and discern the relationships between blocks, procs, and lambdas.

What you'll get

  • 24 short, tightly-edited lessons on Ruby idiom and style.
  • Complete scripts for each lesson, including source code listings. You can choose to watch the lessons, read them, or read along with the video.
  • Join other students in the Flawless Ruby Discourse forum. Participate in the lesson discussions, or start your own!

Note: Flawless Ruby is a RubyTapas Banquet, meaning it contains material drawn from the renowned RubyTapas series of screencasts.  As such it is primarily aimed at developers who are not already RubyTapas subscribers.

I don't want anyone to regret buying this course. If you purchase it and then decide it's not worth the money to you because it's above/below your level, because you just don't have time for it right now, or for any other reason, you can contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

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