Flash sale to get me to RubyConf!

UPDATE: I met my goal!! Thanks everyone, and see you in New Orleans!

I’ve decided I want to go to RubyConf this year, because all my friends will be there. Not to mention new friends I haven’t met yet!

Only problem is, I’m kinda broke (yay for the US healthcare system!). I’ve managed to find some kind benefactors for my conference ticket and plane ride (you know who you are; I owe you one). But I still need to cover my hotel room.

The hotel room bill came to $769.48. I know, I probably could have found a better deal on Priceline or AirBnB. But conference experience has taught me that if you’re going to a conf expressly to socialize, it pays to room at the venue.

So, to cover my lodging costs I’m throwing a one-day sale! You can take 25% off any of my books or one-off videos by using code  RUBYCONFORBUST . That includes:


Here’s some stuff people have said about my books:

Confident Ruby was typically the first homework assignment I gave to our new hires, it set a common understanding for how to think about code quality.

Joshua Rose

Confident Ruby made me a better programmer and gave me the vocabulary to be a better mentor.

Siddharth Sharma

Avdi provides a supportive and realistic view of writing code in Ruby. His teaching/explaining style is easy to follow and has helped me grow in my ruby software development.

Laney McGlohon

I read Confident Ruby and Exceptional Ruby when I was really starting to focus on improving my skills, and both books really helped me. I still refer to Exceptional Ruby regularly when I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle errors and edge cases. Resources about writing the "happy path" abound, but it's the first real demonstration I encountered of handling the less oft-neglected and less glamorous side of programming. A chef with a dull knife can still cook, but cooking with a sharpened blade is faster, more enjoyable, and I think it shows in the results. That's what RubyTapas is for me.

James Nutt

Just finished Confident Ruby by @avdi What a great book!!

Sarah Kwak

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