Emacs Reboot #3: Preparing the Canvas

OK, I’ve got my .emacs set up to switch between a .emacs23 and a .emacs24 file depending on which version of Emacs I start up. Now I need an actual .emacs24 config file.

I want to keep all of my configuration together in a single directory under revision control, so I create a .emacs24.d directory, put it under Git control, and push it to Github:

[gist id=1204386 file=”init-repo.sh”]

I’m using the very handy “hub” tool to easily create a new repo on Github. I’m also using the “-u” flag to “git push” in order to remember the link from the local master branch to the remote master branch.

Then I create an empty ~/.emacs24.d/init.el which will serve as the main initialization file. Once that is in place, I edit my .emacs to load the new init file when Emacs 24 starts up:

[gist id=1204386 file=”.emacs”]

There. Now I’m all set to start iterating on a brand-new Emacs 24 configuration, using Git to keep it synchronized across my machines.

EDIT: Here’s the repo: https://github.com/avdi/.emacs24.d

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