Editing Directory Trees in Emacs


Sorry about the recording being cut off at the bottom. Tools demonstrated:


  1. M-x find-name-dired will just search file names for your wildcard – no need to specify the flag. The resulting buffer is in Dired mode.  M-x find-grep-dired is also a favorite.

  2. The ability to ‘edit’ your dired buffer is fantastic – and something which I never remember exists!  To me it is still a ‘new’ feature (not sure when it was added) that I didn’t learn back when i was using emacs more heavily.  Hopefully it will sink in some day.

  3. I love this functionality, thanks for making a screencast about it! Finally I know what the w in wdired mode stands for.

    It’s even possible to edit the file permissions in wdired – combined with overwrite mode or rectangle editing this can be very useful.

    My favourite companion mode to wdired is wgrep.el (from the emacswiki), which makes grep results editable. Perfect tool for project wide renamings.

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