Dammit, Descript, I want to like you

@DescriptApp is like the perfect flytrap for amateur video editors. You want it to work so bad because if it did it would be PERFECT but you wind up killing hours on it because every single thing it does is buggy.

Today’s bugs:

  1. Single black frame in between clips that is impossible to eliminate and breaks transitions
  2. Color picker is broken. It’s looking at a different part of the screen than you are pointing at, and even when you adjust for the offset it STILL picks a random color from somewhere else.
  3. Still no “shadow” effect for objects (?!)
  4. It offers to make video proxies (but calls them something different) for clips that stutter during editing, but then the proxies do nothing and it still stutters.

Meanwhile Premiere has added edit-by-transcript feature, which was like 75% of the reason to use Descript. (The other 25% is collaboration)

Come on, Descript. I am giving you money and I want to like you, but you’re making it difficult.

P.S. OMG local video export is SO SLOW

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