Corporate Leave Policies?

Quick question: if your company has a defined leave policy (i.e. you’re not a freelancer), what is it? How much paid time off/vacation do you get a year? And if you happen to know, how much paid paternity/maternity leave are you eligible for?



  1. We're a small 5 person shop. Our leave policy is 2 weeks paid vacation.

    For paternity leave, I took 5 days paid leave though there isn't/wasn't a defined limit or policy.

    Since I normally work from home 60-80% of the time, I've been extremely comfortable with these policies (or lack thereof). The best part is the two-month window around the birth of our child during which I've worked from home 100%.

  2. Well, when I started with my company I had a bit of a predicament. My wife was due to have a baby in just a few months…

    State law mandates a granting of unpaid leave time I believe. However, that's ONLY if you've worked at the business for over a year. I had only worked for 2 months.

    Worse…I didn't even have any vacation time accrued yet. But I had expressed at part of my hiring that I would need the week off after the baby.

    Now my company is very nice. They let me have the week off unpaid. But applied a couple of sick days I had accrued toward the week. And I had done a conference and flown on a weekend. So they counted that as a paid day. So I only lost two days of pay.

    They also rocked our socks off with a baby shower, including a high chair and 1/2 dozen other gifts.

    That said, if you have worked for a company over a year. They are legally required to grant you unpaid leave time for medical issues. I believe that includes for children but I am not sure.

    (But if Stacey were sick and you had to take care of the newborn, I believe if you've been legally employed by your employer for over a year you are eligible for the medical leave.)

    That said, most good companies should understand and work with you.

  3. I guess I forgot to add the following…and pulling this from my mind.

    – We get equivalent of three weeks vacation/personal time. 5 sick days.
    – Family Fun Day, floating vacation day + $250 to spend time with family and loved ones.
    – Birthday off (requires a community service activity)
    – Sabbatical at 5/10/15 yrs (with 15th having a $5K travel alotment). I think they're 2 weeks. Though may be 4 weeks at 15 yrs.
    (requires a community service activity)
    – Summer Schedule (not policy) but they let the entire company flex off every other Friday of the summer by making up the time in the preceding two weeks.

  4. Very large software company

    2 weeks of sick time (renews every year, but doesn't carry over), 3 weeks of vacation time (does carry over), 8 company holidays, 2 personal holidays (don't carry over). Don't know about paternity leave.

  5. Start at 3 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick leave, 2 days personal leave, 1 month paid paternity (don't know maternity), and can take two more unpaid. This is for Microsoft in case you are wondering

  6. Auckland university, New Zealand.

    25 days leave per year, in addition to national holidays.  This carries over if not used, as does the 10 days sick leave.  The entitlement accrues over the year, so you have 1 day entitlement after having worked 2 weeks, and so on.

    13 weeks maternity/paternity leave for a new child (including adoptions) at full pay plus up to a year leave of absence (ie at zero pay with job guaranteed).  Yes, this is the same for men and women – equality at last!

    Also, we get subsidised healthcare (50%) with every kid after the 2nd free — this is independent of the university, so if I change jobs, the healthcare can come with me.  Free optician checks and 50% subsidised glasses etc if required.

    Yay for working in New Zealand!

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