Complete “Making of” video now available from Tekpub

A long while back I gave myself a challenge: I was going to code up and launch a web app in a weekend. And I was going to narrate and record the whole process for later release as a screencast series.

I did just that, and created I later edited and released two parts of the recording, but I never found the time to release any more parts of the series. This left the people who bought those videos hanging, for which I feel bad.

That was where things stood for a year or so. But now I’m happy to say that Tekpub has taken my original footage edited it down, and released it as a one hour and twenty minute screencast!

They’ve done a stunning job on it too. The editing is tight and fast-paced; they’ve added explanatory text when I use a library or gem without explaining what it is; and they’ve added snazzy pan-and-zoom so you that the “camera” is always focused on what’s important. I was absolutely floored when I first saw the finished product. Here’s a preview:

If you’ve ever wanted to watch “over my shoulder” as I think my way through an application, this is the video for you. I cover a ton of ground in this video, from basic REST API stuff to using less-common libraries like DataMapper and Erector. Here’s the list (from Tekpub’s site) of all the topics covered:

  • Start with nothing but a failing integration test.
  • Use IO.popen to call out to Perl from Ruby.
  • Set up Guard to automate tests and Bundler updates.
  • Use Hub and Magit to simplify working with Git and GitHub.
  • TDD a simple Sinatra service using RSpec and rack-test.
  • Create a Heroku app.
  • Create a Rackup file and deploy to Heroku.
  • Refactoring the Sinatra app from a “classic” app to a “modular” style app.
  • Switching to Unit Tests as method logic increases in complexity.
  • Migrate from a Sinatra app to a Rails app that mounts the Sinatra app as a service.
  • Use Datamapper for persistence.
  • Use Erector for object-oriented views.
  • Use Coffeescript and jQuery to liven up the UI.

If that sounds like something you’d be into, check it out on Tekpub. UPDATE: I now sell this video from my own store. Get it here!

NOTE! If you already bought one or more of the “cowsays” videos from me: please check your inbox; you should have an email with a coupon code which will get you a steep discount.

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