Code to Joy

Video of my GoGaRuCo 2012 talk, “Code to Joy”, is now online thanks to the good folks at Confreaks. This talk is a random walk through some lesser-known parts of Ruby that make me happy. Speaking for myself, it was one of the most fun talks I’ve delivered. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed giving it.

In writing this talk, I actually put together more than twice as much material as actually wound up in the talk. When Highgroove invited me to give a Friday tech talk, I gave the same talk but I swapped out some of the topics with ones I hadn’t covered at GoGaRuCo. Here’s the video of the Highgroove version:

P.S. If you dig this kind of advanced Ruby info, you should totally check out RubyTapas, my new screencast series 🙂

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