A hand-cranked pump in a rice field

The Well in the Field

When I was a child, I lived with my parents in the woods. We had an old-fashioned hand-dug well, the kind from storybooks that looks like a big hole in…

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Cat stalking his feather toy

New project, new tech stack?

What is the right language and framework for this new project? What language and framework is your team most familiar with? I guess… most of us have worked on Java/Spring…

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Dust and microorganisms microscopic view

Simple is Complex

I started reading Vehicles, by Valentino Braitenberg. Braitenberg asks us to consider the implications of extremely simple notional machines. For instance, the very first machine has only a single motor…

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Writing concept - crumpled up paper wads with a sheet of white paper

Don’t throw away invalid data

Recently I saw a wonderful talk about domain modeling in F#, by Scott Wlaschin. Here’s an older version of it. It was a superbly executed presentation, crystal clear and compelling….

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