Small, sharp tools can cut you

The household where I’ve been spending stay-at-home has one of the most pragmatic kitchen organization schemes I’ve ever run across. For instance, there’s “the drawer of things that scoop”, and the “the drawer of things that cut or stab”. As a result I rarely have to ask someone where to find a tool.

I’m told that the “drawer of things that cut or stab” was once “the drawer of things that cut or stab or burn”. This posed problems during power outages, however. When you’re rummaging around in the dark for a candle and a lighter, you’d rather it not be in a drawer full of blades and sharp points.

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Code and Chicken Wire

In 2015 my family and I fulfilled a longtime dream by moving to a big house in the woods in Eastern Tennessee. And as is customary for upper-middle-class white technocrat exurbanites, we decided it would be fun to do some lite “homesteading”. Including raising chickens for eggs.

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SIGAVDI #84: Biscoff Edition

Hello friends,

It’s strange to think it’s already the 298th day of April. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the 5th aeon of March. There are some people who say that the COVID lockdown is messing with our sense of time, but honestly well pretty coping I’m think I.

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The Cache Flush: 009 Sponsorship Specifications

Booknotes from Domain-Driven Design and Reactive Design Patterns, and some notes on mentorship vs sponsorship.

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Jessitron & Avdi Learn About Alloy

The other night Jess & I drank vodka mango drinks while she showed me Alloy, which is “a language for describing structures and a tool for exploring them”, according to the website. I think of it as a model checker, although that may not be the correct term. The truth is there’s a lot I don’t understand about Alloy, but Jess did a great job explaining to me why this kind of model analysis matters.

Check out the stream recording (and bonus cocktail recipe) below!

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Be careful of whitespace in .php files

So I was debugging some anomalous behavior on my website and as I was poking around, I half-consciously noticed the change bars in in my editor that showed two extra newlines at the end of a .php file. But I dismissed this even as soon as I saw it because… I mean, it’s just whitespace. At the end of a file.

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Jessitron & Avdi Attempt Event Storming

Recently Jess & I decided we needed an app idea to give us an excuse to write code, and last night we spent 45 minutes sketching it out with post-its on a wall. This was our first highly uneducated stab at event-storming, but it was fun and helped us think through what are the tangible, actionable outputs we want to see from our app.

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