Beer and Badminton

the best part of living in the suburbs is badminton in the backyard.

This is a summer tradition at Avdi’s house! The Bad(minton) Signal goes off every few weeks when the weather is acceptable.

From 2ish to 6ish on a (usually) Sunday afternoon, we’ll hang out in the backyard drinking beer (and water and juice and soda), hitting a birdie over the net, and generally chilling out.

There are often kids. Sometimes a nice dog comes over, always a treat. Sometimes we paint our fingernails.

There are always chips. Usually sweets. Sometimes a bit of actual food.

If you live in the St Louis area, and you want to be informed of the next one, bug Avdi or Jess and they’ll add you to the Bad Signal.

How to Beer & Badminton

Show up any time after 2

Bring a snack or beer if you want to contribute (or are picky, or have dietary restrictions)


When you get here, walk around the house (to the right) or go through the garage. We’ll be in the back yard.