Announcing Firetower – A command-line interface to Campfire

OK, this is pretty early stuff but it’s already usable and I think it has a lot of potential.

BaldMountainLookoutFiretower is a command-line interface to Campfire. It’s currently for Linux systems only, but there’s no reason it can’t be extended to work on OS X as well.

I created it because I needed a command-line interface to Campfire that supported the current streaming Campfire API. I also wanted a bit more flexibility than existing tools provided.

You can read all the details at the Github page, but in a nutshell Firetower provides two services:

  1. A way to post messages and code snippets to Campfire from the command line; and
  2. A daemon which will monitor any number of campfire rooms (in any number of accounts) and take user-configurable action when events (such as new messages) occur.

The latter service is particularly flexible: it can be used to do anything from playing a sound when someone says something in a Campfire room, to implementing IRC-style bots which monitor rooms for keywords and respond accordingly.

For instance, here’s a simple (and HIGHLY UNSAFE!) Ruby eval-bot which you could drop into ~/.firetower/firetower.conf:

receive do |session, event|
  if event['type'] == 'TextMessage' && event['body'] =~ /^!eval (.*)$/!(, "Eval result:n" + eval($1).to_s)

Which is triggered when anyone in the room prefaces a message with “!eval”:


Patches, suggestions, and bug reports welcome!


  1. Hey Avdi, this is pretty awesome, and we're already making good use of it. Right now, it's mostly for hilarity (ship it! pastes a ship it squirrel, for example), but we got some interesting actually useful ideas in the work.

    Also, the 'Firetower is a command-line interface to Campfire' link is broken. Guessing you it was originally named firestarter.

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