Having discussions with Avdi about uncharted subjects was a wonderful experience. His expertise and guidance allowed me to comprehend them more easily and efficiently from the very beginning.

Adrian Marin

Author, Avo Framework

Avdi is great at coaching humans. He listens better than practically anyone and he sees things in people they didn't know they had. If you ever appreciated a talk I gave at a conference, thank Avdi; he saw my very first talk and said "you can do more of this and you should, I'll help." He did and I did.

Amy Newell

Former VP Engineering, ConvertKit

I was really struggling with the Big Question of being a super-senior developer: Build a business of my own? Stick with my job? Become a consultant? Find a different job or role? I started to chase all of these, and so I made progress on none of them. And I was getting increasingly frustrated about it.

Working with Avdi helped guide my thinking. In a short conversation, he was not only able to help me find the confidence and clarity I needed, but was able to talk about each of the different possibilities in enough detail that, even after my personal situation changed, it was perfectly obvious which new path I should take.

More than anything else, Avdi helped me understand what I'd be best at and what would make me happiest, and which directions would likely make me unhappy. That's knowledge I'll be able to fall back on, no matter what comes next.

Justin Weiss

I had a pair programming session with you a couple of years ago around a gem I was working on at the time and you were incredibly helpful and thoughtful and I really enjoyed it.

Nichol Alexander