“80% of men never noticed anything”

Brief thoughts on this presentation:

  • This is a great presentation.
  • The use of Kirk/Spock slash art is inspired
  • The idea of 60kloc generated mostly by newbie programmers scares the crap out of me.
  • It sounds like the women-dominated projects aren’t just doing a better job attracting women – they are doing a better job attracting non/novice-programmers, period. That’s pretty remarkable.
  • This is awesome for OSS projects. I don’t know how I could ever apply that to my workplace, though – the only company I’ve ever worked for that had the schedule/budget slack to accommodate bringing unskilled programmers up to speed was a giant government contractor. Small agile companies can’t afford to spend much time on education.
  • Very good point about the OSS developer market not being a zero-sum game; although I’m not sure how many male devs are actually worried about losing their job to a woman.
  • I’m adding Infotropism to my my reading list.

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