Test post from Elk


    1. As long as you saw “Test post from Elk”, then yes

      (I’m thinking about stripping the link back to the site post for shorter posts, but for longer ones it makes sense to link to the original since Fediverse clients lack formatting and inline images. But that will be more work.)

    1. Stop being so spammy, George 😂

      Seriously though, CleanTalk is the only solution that has ever fully dealt with my spam problems, but I’m not surprised it has some false positives. Out of curiosity, what browser, and what combination of browser or plugin-based anonymization / ad-blocking are you using?

        1. Yeah, unfortunately those tools tend to make clients tick a lot of the “probable spambot” heuristic boxes. If you put in exceptions for avdi.codes you’ll probably see a difference.

          I should do a post about the daily influx of spam comments that CleanTalk automatically trashes, to point people to when they ask about why my spam blocking is so aggressive…

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